My Psych Teacher University (MPTU) is a fully online educational community offering flexible interactive courses specializing in mental health and other topics under the umbrella of psychology. Our courses help students transform their mental health journey from anywhere in the world at their own pace.


About My Psych Teacher University

“Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you doesn’t mean you can, should, or need to do it alone.” — Lisa Olivera
My Psych Teacher University (MPTU) is inspired by a love of teaching, the desire to reach home bound students in the wake of COVID 19, and the will to empower those coping with mental illness to achieve mental health.

Not only is this a good fit for us as a connoisseurs of mental health services, it is extremely timely with students taking to online learning everyday as COVID 19 has closed schools across the nation and around the world. These students are part of our worldwide target market, which includes students coping with mental illness and the service providers who guide them.

The ultimate goal of My Psych Teacher University is to develop well-rounded psychology scholars (equipped to lead and serve in the world today), by being a one-stop university for all mental health needs, including courses, resources, therapist referrals, professional licensing, etc., but at this time MPTU mainly offers private mental health education. MPTU is positioned as a low-cost university with excellent courses and educational opportunities.

Not Your Typical Psych Classes

At My Psych Teacher University, we deliver outstanding online courses that empower your mind in three stages: identification, research, and skills based coaching.


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We help you clearly define psychological symptoms and possible causes.


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Specializing in research, reporting, and “real talk,” we develop understanding of your unique challenges – for you and those interacting with you.

Skills Based Coaching

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Experts in skills based mental health coaching and content development, we craft life-changing online experiences.

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