My Phone Food Diary

I keep a daily food diary memo on my phone to record my exercise, meals and snacks. This serves as as a summary of my daily food journal. I take notes if I have time. Later, I transfer my food diary memo information to my daily weight-loss journal.

Next is a sample food diary memo that I keeping on my phone. Each day, I update the day and time information. Throughout the day, I take simple notes about my exercise, food, drinks, and how my body is changing.

Each time I record a meal or a snack, I update the last two lines of the memo, which are a cumulative total of how many calories I have consumed and how many calories are remaining in my daily goal calorie intake limit.

——————— MEMO FOR MAY 18, 2020 ———————

My Daily Food Diary – Day 2

This is my actual food diary memo from Monday, May 18, 2020.

My Goal Calorie Intake Range For Week 1: 1,500 – 2,500 calories / day. This is about 2,000 calories less than I normally consume eating out most of the time. This first week, I just want to start reducing my calories without feeling like it’s impossible.

Record staring weight at waking: 270 lbs

AM Notes: This is where I keep my daily morning reminders.

Take morning meds
Today’s work schedule: 8:45 am to 5:40 pm

Monday Exercise – walking around at work. Today I worked from 8:45 am to 5:40 pm (better than going to the gym – I’m getting paid to workout!)

Monday Breakfast at 8:55 am

  • 1/2 Liter Mango juice – 50 calories
  • Total Breakfast calories = 50

Monday Morning Break / Snack at 11:51 am

  • Strawberry Cinnamon roll – 210 calories
  • 1/4 Liter Mango juice – 25 calories
  • Total am Break calories = 235

Monday Lunch at 1:37 pm

  • 1 Rice Roll – 40 calories
  • 4 Sugar free Vanilla Wafers – 180 calories
  • 1/4 Liter Mango juice – 25 calories
  • Total Lunch calories = 245

Monday Afternoon Break / Snack at 4:48 pm

  • 25 oz Cran Apple juice – 100 calories
  • Total Afternoon Break calories = 100

Monday Dinner at 6 pm

  • Large Fries from McDonald’s – 510 calories
  • 4 mini powdered donuts – 210 calories
  • Total Dinner calories = 720

Monday After Dinner Break / Snack 8:00 pm

  • 1/4 Liter Mango juice – 25 calories
  • Total pm Break calories = 25

Total Calories Consumed: 50 + 235 + 245 + 100 + 720 + 25 = 1,375

1500 – 1,375 = 125 calories remain as of 8:00 pm

Record Weight at Bedtime:

Record Today’s Weight Loss / Gain:

PM Notes: Here I record important details that I want to remember to include in my daily weight-loss journal.

  • Take night meds
  • Tomorrow’s work schedule: 8:45 am to 5:40 pm
  • Set alarm for tomorrow morning

——————— END ———————

Follow my weight loss journey from the beginning on Facebook. Read My Weight-Loss Journey Day 1. Read My Weight-Loss Journey Day 3. View my weight-loss journey in pictures on Google Photos. Hungry? Check out my cookbook for some awesome recipes!



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