I started dieting on May 15, 2020. As on I travel through my weight-loss journey, I know it is going to be important that I educate myself about my body, my overall health, how to make needed changes, how to maintain any positive progress, and how to make good choices in order to avoid negative setbacks.

My Body Type and Shape

Today I am learning about my body type and shape. FYI, there are 3 main body types (according to coachmag.co.uk) called somatotypes

Ectomorph: Lean and long, with difficulty building muscle.

Endomorph: Big, high body fat, often pear-shaped, with a high tendency to store body fat.

Mesomorph: Muscular and well-built, with a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells.

… And 7 popular body shapes (according to omnicalculator.com):

Hourglass: this body shape is balanced and harmonious. The bust and hips are proportional and well-balanced, and the waist is clearly defined.

Top hourglass: it is similar to the regular hourglass with a beautifully defined waist. Your bust is visibly larger than your hips.

Bottom hourglass: just like the top hourglass, this body type has a clearly defined waist. Your bust is smaller than the hips.

Spoon: if you’re a spoon, your hips are much larger than your bust. Your hips have a shelf-like appearance, and you have a nicely defined waist.

Triangle: triangles have a slim upper body and wide hips (typically wider than the shoulders). Their waist is not clearly accentuated.

Inverted triangle: inverted triangles have a subtle waist and a proportionally larger upper body. Your bust and shoulders are quite wide, and the hips are slim.

Rectangle: this is a “boyish” body type – your hips, waist, and bust are about the same size. Your body is well proportioned and athletic in appearance. 

The body types listed above were coined in the 1940’s by American psychologist and physician William Sheldon, who was best known for his theory associating physique, personality, and delinquency.

The following photo is of my “before weight-loss” body on 5/20/2020.


My Starting Measurements

  • Height: 5′ 10 1/2″
  • Weight: 268 lbs
  • BMI: 37.91
  • Bust: 48″
  • Chest: 40.5″
  • Waist: 47″
  • Hips: 49″

As you can tell from my photo (above) and measurements, I have no defined waistline. My current body type is endomorph. Obviously, I have a lot of work to do! View my weight-loss journey in pictures on Google Photos.


At my height and weight, my Body Mass Index (BMI) is 37.91. According to calculateme.com, BMI is “highly correlated with body fat % and is a decent yardstick of a healthy weight.” According to standards set by the World Heath Organization (WHO), a person with a BMI greater than 30 is obese (which is why I started this blog).

Yes, I want to lose weight; but I still want to remain healthy. I struggled with anorexia as a teenager. I have to be very careful when dieting to ensure that I do not relapse into unhealthy thoughts about my body and self-image.

You might wonder how an anorexic teen became an obese adult. It happened after I came into post-partum depression and gained substantial weight during pregnancy at age 32.

I currently have a diagnosis of Major Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Schizoaffective Bi Polar Disorder. My depression medication increases my appetite, while Bi Polar Disorder makes me stubborn when it comes to disciplined habits. It is difficult for me to avoid overeating because my meds make it desirable and I have a weakened sense of self-control.

It will be dificult, but I would like to lose 108 lbs, making my BMI 22.63 and my weight just 160 lbs. Then, my BMI would be within the “Healthy Weight” range for my height.

Next is my daily food memo for day 4 of my weight-loss journey.

—————- MY FOOD MEMO FOR MAY 20, 2020 —————-

My Daily Food Diary – Day 4

Today’s starting weight at waking: 268 lbs. I have lost 2 lbs since beginning this blog.

AM Notes

  • Take morning meds.
  • Take daily vitamins. img_20200520_140229
  • I am not scheduled to work today. No work means I have to find another way to exercise for today.

Wednesday Exercise

I usually consider walking around at work my primary daily exercise since I typically work from 8:45 am to 5:40 pm, 5 days a week. Since I am not scheduled to work today, I don’t want to miss this opportunity to workout and burn some calories.

According to medicalnewstoday.com, exercising helps increase metabolism and reduce fat. Ideally, I want to workout before breakfast in order to set my metabolism to “calorie burn” for the day.

Since I don’t know much about working out and can’t afford a personal trainer, I went searching on YouTube for a workout video that was interesting and effective but not too intimidating.

I found the following video on YouTube. It’s a 7-minute workout that really gets your heart rate pumping. I did this workout today! It is designed not only to help you lose weight, but also to sculpt your mid-section (which will give you back that hourglass shape). Check out the video below.

Wednesday Food & Drinks

Wednesday Breakfast at 8:30 am

  • 1/4 L of Bottled Water (8.45 fl oz) – 0 calories
  • Total Breakfast Calories = 0

Wednesday Morning Break / Snack at 10:30 am

  • 1/4 L of Bottled Water (8.45 fl oz) – 0 calories
  • Total Morning Break Calories = 0

Wednesday Lunch at 12:30 pm

  • 1/4 L of Bottled Water (8.45 fl oz) – 0 calories
  • 1 Chopped Chicken Teriyaki Salad from SubWay – 240 caloriesimg_20200520_122652
  • Total Lunch Calories = 240

Wednesday Afternoon Break / Snack 1 at 2:30 pm

  • 1/4 L of Bottled Water (8.45 fl oz) – 0 calories
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from SubWay – 400 calories
  • Total Afternoon Break / Snack 1 Calories = 400

Wednesday Afternoon Break / Snack 2 at 4:30 pm

  • 1/4 L of Bottled Water (8.45 fl oz) – 0 calories
  • 2 cups of Serenity Trail Mix – 680 calories
  • Total Afternoon Break / Snack 2 Calories = 680

Wednesday Dinner at 6:30 pm

Wednesday After Dinner Break / Snack at 8:30 pm

  • 1/21 L of Bottled Water (16.9 fl oz) with 2 Nutrilite Raspberry (Joint Health) Twist Tubes (water flavor pkg) – 20 calories
  • 1 Pear Fruit – 102 calories
  • 1 Rice Roll – 40 calories
  • Total After Dinner Break calories = 162

Total Calories Consumed: 0 + 0 + 240 + 400 + 680 + 20 + 162 = 1,460

1,500 – 1,460 = 40 calories remain as of 7:00 pm

PM Notes

  • Take night meds.
  • Record weight at bedtime.
  • Record today’s weight-loss / gain.
  • Note tomorrow’s work schedule: 8:45 am to 5:40 pm.
  • Set alarm for tomorrow morning.

——————— END ———————


My Daily Food Journal – Day 4

Daily Reflection & Goal Setting

My Water Intake

I deliberately added water to every meal today. This nearly doubled my water intake- getting close to 80 oz. I know that drinking water is good for me. Here is an excerpt from “Fundamental Food and Drink” on my blog at shineonpurpose.wordpress.com.

Water is the most basic natural need and the foundation of every good meal and beverage (I know you wish it was ice cream). Water is what your body needs every day; and it needs water more than it needs food. In fact, if you feel really thirsty, you have already begun to be depleted of water.

Your body can function normally for about three days without water, though you could persist without food for much longer. You need to stay hydrated in order for your internal organs to function properly. Each morning, drink a glass of water (250 – 300 ml – about 10 oz) after brushing your teeth, soon after waking up with thanks for a new day.

The human body consists of 80% water. When you do not get enough water, it affects your complexion, natural body cooling in hot temperatures, may induce headaches, dizziness, and fever, and restricts bowel functioning causing constipation. When your body has adequate water, it will naturally flush waste from your system, freeing you of toxins and free-radicals that cause damage to your body including risk of cancer.

The first thing you intake after waking with thanks for a new day should be water, not food. Each day, consistently drink water at least thirty minutes before eating any meal that you consume. You will feel more full after eating and help to reduce the risk of over eating.

My Wednesday Total Water Intake: 2 1/4 L (76.05 fl oz, close to ten 8 oz glasses)

How Does My Body Feel?

My hands feel numb when I am trying to sleep. It feels like my blood is not circulating all the way to my fingertips. I think being overweight is affecting my nerves. Also, my neck hurts. It feels like my head is too heavy for my spine.

What is My Mental State?

I am in good spirits. I feel focused and strong. I do not feel down or depressed. I feel good about staying within my allotted calories for the day. It was a close pass, but I made it.

Tomorrow’s Goal(s)

Until now I have been mostly in an observer role, recording what I eat and do. However,  I need to change some unproductive habits and establish some new and healthier ones.

Tomorrow, I will will create a daily agenda including elements that I want to be a part of my new everyday life. I will actively approach my problem thinking and behavior by seeking practical activities that will change them.

——————— END ———————

Follow my weight loss journey from the beginning on Facebook. Read My Weight-Loss Journey Day 3. Read My Weight-Loss Journey Day 5. View my weight-loss journey in pictures on Google Photos. Hungry? Check out my cookbook for some awesome recipes!



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