I started dieting on May 15, 2020. I have been posting that I lost 4 pounds – which is true. I also gained four pounds this week and so undid my progress. But this is not the good news that I want to share with you.

What has got me all excited is that I found out that placing your weight scale on a carpeted surface can add a massive twenty pounds to the weight reading.

I was sharing with my mother how I thought I had gained thirty pounds since being in the hospital back in October of 2019. I Believed this because I bought a scale in January of this year, which told me that I weighed 270 pounds (when I took my weight in my bedroom). This number was confirmed when took my starting weight (also in my bedroom) to document my weight-loss journey on this blog.

During one of the days (I don’t remember which one) since I started dieting, I brought my scale into the bathroom to take my weight without clothes. I thought it would make a few pounds difference. fluke

It made a difference alright. The scale showed I weighed twenty pounds less than my starting weight. I thought it was a fluke since I took the scale back to my bedroom and again saw a weight reading of 270 pounds.

So, my mom gave have me a new scale today. She said that I needed a smooth surface to ensure a proper weight reading. I tested the theory that that the surface beneath the scale effects the weight reading. When I stood on the scale in my bedroom – where the floor is carpeted, the scale showed that I weighed exactly 270 pounds. That was expected.

Then, when I stood on the scale in the bathroom – where the floor is a smooth surface, the scale read 250! OMG, I just lost twenty pounds! What a motivational moment – just as I was starting to get discouraged about gaining four pounds.

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My Fast Track Week One – Day 7

Previously, I made a fifteen-week meal plan. This is week one, day 7. My goal is to eat within a 1,500 calorie limit. Next is my daily food memo for day 13 of my weight-loss journey.

—————- MY FOOD MEMO FOR MAY 29, 2020 —————-

My Daily Food Diary – Day 13

Today’s starting weight at waking: 250 lbs!

AM Notes

Friday Exercise

  • I’m taking the 7 day challenge. This is is my seventh day.
  • Standing and walking at work.

Friday Food & Drinks

Friday Breakfast at 7:45 am

  • 1/4 L of Bottled Water (8.45 fl oz) – 0 calories
  • 1 Slice of French Toast – 140 calories
  • 1 Pear – 102 calories
  • 1 Stick of Gum – 5 calories
  • Total Breakfast Calories = 247

Friday Morning Break / Snack at 11:30 am

  • 1/4 L of Bottled Water (8.45 fl oz) – 0 calories
  • Total Morning Break Calories = 0

Friday Lunch at 1:30 pm

  • 1/4 L of Watermelon Juice (8.45 fl oz) – 90 calories
  • 1 Snickers Ice Cream Bar – 250 calories
  • 1/ 2 Beef and Bean Burrito – 340 calories
  • Total Lunch Calories = 680

Friday Afternoon Break / Snack at 4:30 pm

  • 1/4 L of Watermelon Juice (8.45 fl oz) – 90 calories
  • Total Afternoon Break / Snack Calories = 90

Friday Dinner at 6:00 pm

  • None – 0 calories
  • Total Dinner Calories = 0

Friday After Dinner Break / Snack at 8:30 pm

  • 1/4 L of Bottled Water (8.45 fl oz) – 0 calories
  • Total After Dinner Break calories = 0

Total Calories Consumed: 247 + 0 + 680 + 90 + 0 + 0 = 1,017

1,500 – 1,017 = 483 calories remain as of 9:10 pm

My Friday Water Intake: 3/4 L (25.35 fl oz, close to three 8 oz glasses)

PM Notes

  • Take night meds.
  • Record weight at bedtime.
  • Record today’s weight-loss / gain.
  • Note tomorrow’s work schedule: not scheduled.
  • Set alarm for tomorrow morning.

——————— END ———————


My Daily Food Journal – Day 13

Daily Reflection & Goal Setting

Tomorrow’s Goals

Now that I have a more accurate view of my weight, I can adjust my goal to losing to losing 88 pounds. It is as if I skipped a whole month of toiling.

What started out as a bad day at work has turned into an evening of bliss! Not only am I mentally twenty pounds lighter – which definitely effects my seelf-esteem, today I found out that something important to me that I applied for was approved!

There is sunshine on the horizon and I feel great!

——————— END ———————

Follow my weight loss journey from the beginning on Facebook. Read My Weight-Loss Journey Day 12. Read My Weight-Loss Journey Day 14. View my weight-loss journey in pictures on Google Photos. Hungry? Check out my cookbook for some awesome recipes!

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