started dieting on May 15, 2020. Welcome to my journey.

My Fast Track Week Three – Day 3

Previously, I made a fifteen-week meal plan. This is week three, day 3. I have been dieting for two weeks and three days. 

I was planning to stay within a 1,200 calorie limit today, as per yesterday’s planning. I was already not doing well with fasting, then I got some great news that threw me into full celebration mode. Yes, that’s a part of mania. It happens to us Bi-Polars. 

Next is my daily food memo for day 23 of my weight-loss journey.

—————- MY FOOD MEMO FOR SUNDAY, JUNE 8, 2020 —————-

My Daily Food Diary – Day 23

Current Weigh In: As of Saturday, June 6 (Day 21) of my weight-loss journey, I weighed in at 249 pounds. That means I have lost 1 pound since finding out that I was misreading my scale. Since I am not sweating the small stuff and only weighing in once a week to see results on a grander scale instead of stressing over daily ups and downs, my next weigh in is Saturday, June 13th. We’ll see what happens…

AM Notes

Monday Exercise
  • Stretching periodically while working at my computer, and walking to check the mail.
Monday Food & Drinks

Monday Overnight Snack at 4:30 am

  • 2 Bowls of Cereal – 300 calories
  • Total Breakfast Calories = 300

Monday Breakfast at 8:30 am

  • None – 0 calories
  • Total Breakfast Calories = 0

Monday Morning Break / Snack at 10:30 am

  • 1/4 L of Water (8.45 fl oz) – 0 calories
  • Total Morning Break Calories = 0

Monday Lunch at 12:30 pm

  • 1/4 L of Water (8.45 fl oz) – 0 calories
  • 1 Slice of Original Stuffed Crust® Pepperoni and Pineapple Pizza = 335 calories
  • 2 Honey BBQ Bone-Out Wings (100 cal/wing) = 200 calories
  • 1 Cinnabon® Mini Roll – 80 calories
  • Total Lunch Calories = 615

Monday Afternoon Break / Snack at 4:30 pm

  • None – 0 calories
  • Total Afternoon Break Calories = 0

Monday Dinner at 9:30 pm

  • 1 Slice of Original Stuffed Crust® Pepperoni and Pineapple Pizza = 335 calories
  • 3 Honey BBQ Bone-Out Wings (100 cal/wing) = 300 calories
  • 1 Hershey’s® Triple Chocolate Brownie – 260 calories
  • Total Dinner Calories = 895

After Dinner Break / Snack

  • None – 0 calories
  • Total After Dinner Break calories = 0

Total Calories Consumed: 1,810 calories as of 10:00 pm

(If this was two weeks ago, I would be happy with that number, since my limit was 2,500. Tomorrow I have to work, so I’ll surely be eating less and walking more).

My Monday Water Intake: 1 L (36.9 fl oz, close to two 8 oz glasses)

PM Notes

  • Take night meds.
  • Record weight at bedtime.
  • Record today’s weight-loss / gain.
  • Note tomorrow’s work schedule: not scheduled.
  • Set alarm for tomorrow morning.

——————— END ———————



My Daily Food Journal – Day 23

So, I was talking with my therapist (we’ve been having phone appointments since COVID 19 started) and she asked me what was new in my life (basically). So, I began telling her about how I had started an online business teaching psychology and mental health classes on the Internet.

I sent a link to my website to her email address. She opened the message but could not follow the link because of browser restrictions on her workplace computer. Somehow, however, she was re-directed to another link, which took her to a description of My Psych Teacher as a registered Limited Liability Company.

So this is why I threw the diet out with the water today. It’s official! My Psych Teacher LLC is on the books!



I applied for my business entity registration on May 25, 2020. It was supposed to take three weeks to approve, so I was not expecting any notice until June 15th. There are many things that I was waiting on because I needed my filing to be registered before I could continue.

If I was a drinker (which I am not – only had one tiny sip of beer in my entire life and that was about the age of 6 when my aunt was trying to keep my cousins and myself busy so she could have her phone chat), I would have gone out and had myself a very expensive drink. Since I don’t drink and have no desire to start, I took today off from dieting and bought pizza and wings for the whole family.

——————— END ———————

Follow my weight loss journey from the beginning on Facebook. Read My Weight-Loss Journey Day 22. View my weight-loss journey in pictures on Google Photos. Hungry? Check out my cookbook for some awesome recipes!

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