started dieting on May 15, 2020. Welcome to day 59 of my weight loss journey. I started the Beck Diet by Dr. Judith S. Beck on day 45. I skipped ahead and am now on day 25.

I developed a plan to manage my calorie intake. I basically forgot to eat all day today because I spent the day building up to this event:


That’s right, I launched a Tupperware business. You might be thinking, “Another business?” That’s what entrepreneurs do. We Biz.

My Tupperware Story – My mother has been a Tupperware Representative for as long as I can remember. I recall having a kitchen filled with awesome Tupperware products for my whole life (43 years). One thing I know from growing up with Tupperware is that there is no greater healthy cooking companion.

When I was much younger, I had a vision of being able to reach the world with Tupperware through the Internet. I wanted to be the Oprah of Tupperware. I wondered how an inspired entrepreneur could have a thriving business from the comfort of their own home, fully online, powered by Tupperware – the best product of its kind. Today, that vision is possible!

Now that I have my own family, I appreciate the 70+ years of quality and service of Tupperware even more. So, I started a group ( to share recipes and news about the Tupperware products I really enjoy.

My launch party is ongoing until Saturday, July 18th (of  course I’ll follow that with more events). There’s a product demo and a great recipe posted in the event. O.K., I’ll give you a peek – check out chili with Heather…

Join my launch party before it ends! And if at any time you would like to try Tupperware products for yourself, I am happy to be your Independent Representative! Join my Tupperware group on Facebook to see my recipes and the latest news about Tupperware with my unique happy spin.


Interested? Ask me, “How?”

————— MY FOOD MEMO FOR TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2020 —————

My Daily Food Diary – Day (59) 25

Current Weigh In: As of Saturday, July 11, I weighed in at 249 pounds – one pound less than the weight I was after finding out I was misreading my scale. I have lost 5 pounds and gained 4 pounds since beginning the Beck diet. My next weigh in is Saturday, July 18th.

AM Notes


An oatmeal cream pie, 330 calories. I’m going to look for some dinner now. It’s been a mentally invigorating day. 

PM Notes

——————— END ———————

Best of Mental Health and Wellness,


——————— END ———————

Follow my weight loss journey from the beginning on Facebook. Read My Weight-Loss Journey Day 58. View my weight-loss journey in pictures on Google Photos. Hungry? Join my Tupperware Facebook group for some awesome recipes!

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