started dieting on May 15, 2020. Welcome to day 62 of my weight loss journey. I started the Beck Diet by Dr. Judith S. Beck on day 45. I skipped ahead and am now on day 28. Yesterday. I signed up to share my stories on Vocal. If you like my blogs, send me a tip.

During the same time that I saw the ad for Vocal, I saw an add for a technical college. Today I am un-dieting. This is not a loss of control binge, it is a planned hiatus. I’m taking a diet siesta to celebrate being accepted to that technical school to study Web Design! I have been designing websites for over a decade, but I do not have formal training or certification of my skills.

I’ve taken a few programming classes like Java, PHP, and C++, but I still have a lot to learn before becoming a software engineer. This translates into difficulty getting a job as a professional web designer since there are genuinely some gaps in my knowledge. I still plan to pursue my Masters and PhD. I just won’t have to worry about how to pay for them.

Did I say that I believe in prophetic moments? I do.

For example, six years after I asked for an application, I applied for and was hired to my current job. After working there for four months, I found the original paper application I had started, dated 2014, that I never submitted because I was not in a good place psychologically. As soon as my condition was manageable, I applied for the same job I had wanted six years earlier, although I hadn’t thought about it since. That’s focus running so deep it’s subliminal.

In 2013, I wrote an article entitled, “Unpack Your Vision to Make A Needed Career Change.” Now, I am in a position to take my own advice. Traditionally, most people are resistant to change since security is often the first thing one has to let go – though a fresh perspective can let you see that being securely chained to an emotional millstone (the wrongfill in the blank” in your life (such as the wrong job, the wrong partner, the wrong goal)) is not exactly the rising force you need to elevate your professional status.

So today I’m taking a break to say (as the Beck Diet promotes) good job for taking a chance on myself. I did not know if I would get accepted to the school, but I took a chance on me. Self-faith is a part of mental health. I’m learning how to believe in the me I can be instead of worrying about the me I was and letting that stifle me into not trying to reach my goals (which are no small bag of peanuts).

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Best of Mental Health and Wellness,


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