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Rest in peace, Daddy.

I’m up late doing some research. I forgot all about dieting. I have two days off to get this project worked out that came to me last tonight. I’ve been searching on copyright laws and it appears that since I am my Dad’s sole heir, and he left no other will, I have inherited his greatest treasure – all of his creative works including his almost twenty books.

A few weeks ago, someone submitted a speaker request at one of my Dad’s websites. Since I moderated his contacts, I had to give the sad news that my dad passed away silently on March 4, 2019. Also, other people are still going to his website (the stats keep going up) and some people want to buy his books.

My Dad was a deep thinker who wrote profusely just like I do. I learned from him to be a word connoisseur. He did not have a college degree, but he was extremely well-read and in a vast number of topics. He could communicate on just about any subject. This is the last video that I ever saw of my Dad. 

He had a decades long vision of opening a training center for youths and adults to teach them about manhood and womanhood. I was his webmaster. I also created many of his graphics like the one below created for his bestseller – used in the juvenile justice system in Georgia. Juveniles were required to take a course taught by my Dad…


…and this one that he liked so much, he changed it to his official digital business card…


…and some blog posts. Here is something I wrote for him in 2014:

In order to help male youths find alternatives to life in the streets, substance abuse, and delinquent behavior, it is the responsibility of every man to develop his manhood. Many males turn to gangs and other counterproductive recreations because they do not find at home, in schools, or in the faith community, the love, support, and constructive opportunities that they need to be fulfilled and maintain and a positive course of action and a thought process that is conducive to progress.

Men who are mature in their manhood (and maturity is not necessarily equivalent to age) need to make time to offer guidance, counseling, love, and training in manhood and behavior modification, to all males as early as possible before they are in a crisis mode. In fact, this is a key to ending generational crime cycles that plague many inner cities today. Unfortunately, many interventions for our young brothers are not started until they have gone so far past center, that those who would reach out to them feel that it is too late. It is not too late. We must try. When we allow a male to go astray without any effort to recall him, it is not only he who feels abandoned. Other males see what is happening to their brother and also feel daunted and unloved. This should not be named among us.

While many efforts focus on the plight of young girls, young males also are sometimes the victims of violent crimes and become blind sighted by their pain that they are not allowed to express, are told to repress, and are made to live with in silence despite the crushing distress of emotions that have no release valve. These withheld emotions often turn to anger and the male becomes a danger waiting to happen. With this sequence of unfortunate events in the absence of manhood development and someone to help him discover the real truth about himself – that he is not an accident, a failure, and a lost cause, the male soon gets the false perception that there is nothing else to except succumb to the negative forces and anti-progress activities of his debilitating environment. There has to be another way; and there is.

Males need meaningful education, and that includes more than reading, writing, and calculations. They need social and cultural development, including role models who have the liquidity of thought to understand that he is not his environment. A man who also given up needs to develop his own manhood in order to lead today’s youth. That means the job of manhood development is also larger than the youth population, because of our “lost boys” are already men – some with families, and now there is another level of need in that these boys are raising boys without knowing where to lead them.

The 1990s was a turbulent time in America, when African American males were imprisoned at a rate of six times more frequently than Caucasian males. Then and now, African Americans comprise nearly half (1/2) of the incarcerated population in US prisons. While this and other statistics such as the societal norm that one in three African American males is on the road to incarceration (Bureau of Criminal Justice Statistics), means that many African American males have already given up, there is nothing as powerful as a changed mind – and this is a product of behavior modification through manhood development.

Manhood development gets to the core of the male experience and pulls out of him, the man that he could be and the man that he should be. It turns a searchlight on the self and asks hard questions, faces the facts, and provides hope for a future because it exposes myths and breaks down barriers. The world cannot afford to lose another generation to a wilderness of despair. Each one needs to reach one and teach one and together we can make a difference.

The above was followed with a call to action, to enroll young men in an upcoming manhood training.

In 2017, Dad’s dream of opening a center for manhood development came true. The ManUp Manhood Development Center had its grand opening on Saturday, February 4th at 10:00am, at a location in Jonesboro, Georgia.


Unfortunately, Dad is not here to witness the next level of his vision. It is going to be one for the record books.

——————— END ———————

Best of Mental Health and Wellness,


——————— END ———————

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