Many of you know that I write blogs on a variety of topics from food to music to psychology and more. Today I syndicated my column “Mental Platter: Hacks for your best life!” on My handle is @shenicargraham (

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Mental Platter is a collection of #lifehacks, tips, and anecdotes that have helped me conquer the mental health madness in my own life. This post is to announce the first article in the series I will be posting for the next 18 weeks. Since you may not be a subscriber yet, I will post a notice here when new articles are available in the series. Here is today’s premium content…

Mental Platter – Introduction

Mental Platter is a derivative of a course from My Psych Teacher University. This is your introduction to the course in behavior modification. Here, you will explore hacks for improving upon the sometimes mundane, albeit necessary processes of life. If you complete the series, you should be able to take practical steps toward personal fulfillment and improved wellness.

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