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Shenica Graham
Shenica R. Graham is a My Psych Teacher and Founder / President / CEO of My Psych Teacher LLC and My Psych Teacher University.


My name is Shenica Renee Graham. I the Founder / President / CEO of My Psych Teacher LLC and My Psych Teacher University. I am an avid online content creator, recording artist, web and CSS designer, author, teacher, tutor, and creative thinker. I have experience creating online programs, marketing solutions, branding, graphic designs, websites, publications, blogs, apparel, accessories, author and artist promotions, music, and so much more! Hire me for your next design project.

I have over 20 years of experience in online writing. She has authored hundreds documents including of blogs, articles, books, and reviews. Shenica has over 10 years of experience teaching Bible study. She also hosts a psychology university online. By private study, I am a Web and CSS artist. As a Webmaster and WordPress enthusiast since 2007, I have authored over 56 websites showcasing my graphic designs and prolific writing.

I have a passion for education and teaching is my first academic love. I hold a BA in Psychology and BA in General Studies, both from Wichita State University. I am currently a Full Stack Web Design student. I teach biblical and psychology courses, specializing in spiritual development and mental health disorders, especially schizoaffective bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and major depression – all of which I battle daily. Teaching online has provided me the opportunity to give back to my community in a tangible way.

I inherited my father’s poignant writing style and manuscript treasure. I am currently co-writing with my father (posthumously), “Walking The Talk: The Road to Manhood and Womanhood,” which combines two books he originally published separately.

I began having symptoms of mental illness as a teenager and so I understand many of the issues that complicate challenges facing youth and adults including suicidal ideology. This is why I have a deep desire to serve the mental health community, offering courses that help students develop practical coping skills to rise from their battles with mental illness. I currently live mental health from both perspectives of patient and life coach. My goal is to empower those living with mental illness and to educate those working with us.

My courses teach practical life skills that can modify behavior and help avoid debilitating symptoms of mental illness. Interventions are based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Teaching is my first academic love. If mental health sparks your interest, I look forward to welcoming you to classes that will make the mind work for you. – Shenica Graham

Philosophy of Teaching

My philosophy of teaching is that all students can learn when empowered to benefit from the unique needs of the learning community. I need to know how to accommodate different learning styles. My teaching style is adaptable and open to student energies of inquiry, expression, and exploration. I train my students to be accepting of themselves and of others. They will each be empowered to reach their highest potential.

I believe that the teacher’s role is to guide the learning process with attention to individual student needs. Each student must have choices that peek their curiosity in a safe environment with access to the best technology and resources available. Hands-on activities will motivate learning and retention.


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Shine: A Woman of Purpose by Shenica R. Graham

Experience a powerful testimony and cultivate the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life. This book is part of the Shine series: a manifestation of decades of soul-searching, questioning, and re-discovering God’s unmerited and miraculous favor and grace.


Looking for my weight loss blog? It has been moved to https://shenicargraham.com/category/diet/.

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