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folder1 MPTUO1a: Introduction to Psychology – Fall 2020
Week 16 / Unit 12: Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy. “(Also talking therapy). The use of psychological methods, particularly when based on regular personal interaction with adults, to help a person change behavior and overcome problems in desired ways.” [1]

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Psychological Disorder Treatment Study Guide

Perspectives on treatment

      • 1.1 Explain how psychological treatments have changed over time and among cultures.
      • 1.2 Match methods of treatment to psychological perspectives.
      • 1.3 Explain why psychologists use a variety of treatment options.

Categories of treatment and types of treatment providers

      • 2.1 Identify biomedical treatments.
      • 2.2 Identify psychological treatments.
      • 2.3 Describe appropriate treatments for different age groups.
      • 2.4 Evaluate the efficacy of treatments for particular disorders.
      • 2.5 Identify other factors that improve the efficacy of treatment.
      • 2.6 Identify treatment providers for psychological disorders and the training required for each

Legal, ethical, and professional issues in the treatment of psychological disorders

      • 3.1 Identify ethical challenges involved in the delivery of treatment.
      • 3.2 Identify national and local resources available to support individuals with psychological disorders and their families (e.g., NAMI and support groups).

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