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folder1 MPTUO1a: Unit 12 Resources
Week 16 / Unit 12

Review these resources for Week 16 / Unit 12 of the Introduction to Psychology course.

Psychological Disorder Treatment Resources

document  Society for Clinical Psychology website

The homepage of the Society for Clinical Psychology (APA Division 12). This link provides information on disorders and treatments.

document  Mental Health America

The website describes the benefits and different types of treatment for psychological disorders.

document  APA Topics: Psychotherapy

The APA website gives information on different approaches to psychotherapy.

document  Psychology Today

The Psychology Today blog post talks about the distinctions between “disease” and “disorder” and how that affects therapy.

document  APA Topics: Therapy

This APA website provides information on therapy.

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  1. The American Psychological Association’s Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (APA TOPSS) course template.


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