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Week 12 / Unit 7

Review these resources for Week 12 / Unit 7 of the Introduction to Psychology course.

Emotion Resources

document  UC Berkeley Greater Good Education Articles

The Greater Good Science Center produces a magazine of science-based articles for educators primarily on the topic of emotion and happiness.

document  Science Brief: Reading Facial Expressions of Emotion

This article describes basic research that has led to training programs that improve people’s ability to detect emotions.

document  Atlas of Emotions

This interactive tool builds your vocabulary of emotions. It represents what researchers have learned from the psychological study of emotion.

document  How to Read MicroExpressions

This online resource is a brief guide to understanding microexpressions.

document  Facial Expression Recognition Test

This online test asks you to select the emotion portrayed in the facial expression.

Motivation Resources

document  Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Animates Us

Animated drawing accompanying lecture by author Daniel Pink. Presented by the Royal Society of Arts. Closed captioning available.

document  Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality

This APA resource talks about sexual orientation.

document  Psychological Factors That Guide Behavior

This article defines motivation and its implications psychologically while delving into the individual components of motivation.

document  Defining Motivation

This resource describes motivation in depth, along with the factors that impact motives.

document  Motivation to Learn: An Overview

This source provides a basic understanding of motivation and the way it connects to aspects of psychology such as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Closed captioning not working on all linked videos.

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