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folder1 MPTUO1a: Units 4 & 5 Resources
Weeks 6, 7 and 8 / Units 4 & 5

Review these resources for Weeks 6, 7 and 8 / Units 4 & 5 of the Introduction to Psychology course.

Language Development Resources

document  Speech and Language Developmental Milestones

This article lists information about a variety of different topics relating to speech development, including how speech develops and what research is currently being done regarding speech development.

document  Language Development In Children

This article about the progression of linguistics in children describes the four components of language and the timeline of language development.

document  Human Language Development

This resource provides insight on several theories regarding how humans develop the ability to use and understand language.  Closed captioning not available on included videos.

document  Language Acquisition #1 (from Simply Psychology)

This article discusses how humans use, create, and learn languages, as well as the development and importance of communication. Closed captioning available on linked videos.

document  Language Acquisition #2 (from Psychologist World)

This article presents theories about language acquisition, such as the theory of imitation, emergentism, and empiricism.

Learning Resources

document  Play the Pavlov’s Dog Game

In this module, experiment with classical conditioning methodology as you train a dog. (Requires Adobe Flash)

document  The I.Q. Zoo

The IQ Zoo was an animal training facility and tourist attraction in Hot Springs, Arkansas developed by Keller and Marian Breland in 1955. The Brelands, both graduate students of psychologist B. F. Skinner, used principles of behaviorism to train animals to perform simple acts based on the animals’ instinctual behaviors. Closed captioning not available.

document  Operant Conditioning Graphic

This visual contains excellent examples of both positive and negative reinforcement and punishment.

Life Span Development Resources

document  Visible Embryo

Visualize the growth and development of an embryo, from conception through birth.  Written descriptions accompany each visual, with information about both mother and embryo.

document  Stages of Pregnancy: Week by Week

 Discover the developmental changes throughout pregnancy for both mother and child.

document  Mosquito Ringtone

Some forms of this ringtone cannot be heard by adults. Try out the different frequencies of this mosquito ringtone to see what level you can hear.

document  Stages of Moral Development

Students will review Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral development and then review several individual responses to a new scenario. They will determine which of Kohlberg’s stages best reflect the individual’s response. Closed captioning not available on included videos.

document  What is the Psychology of Aging?

This poster gives an overview of the importance and prospects of studying and pursuing a career in psychology and aging.

document  Geropsychology: It’s Your future

This website discusses the growing need for geropsychologists, psychologists who work with older adults, and lists a variety of opportunities within the field.

document  Psychology Benefits Society blog

The APA Public Interest Directorate blog has over 40 articles on a range of aging topics including health and nutrition, caregiving, LGBT older adults, ageism, and much more.

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