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This course is under construction. Next enrollment date: Monday, August 3, 2020. Currently, you may pre-register a study group, or pre-enroll as an individual student. You will be contacted when the course becomes available.

Basic Course Information

Instructor Contact Information

  • Course instructor: Shenica Graham is an author, teacher, and mental health coach teaching and guiding in mental health wellness.
  • Instructor email: mypsychteacher3 at gmail dot com
  • Preferred method of contact: webform
  • Office hours: Saturdays, from 1 pm – 3 pm Central Standard Time
  • Office location. facebook.com/mypsychteacher3

Course Description and Goals

In this 8-week online course, students will write responses to various textbook and hands-on activities in order to develop mental health and wellness. The class culminates in the writing of an autobiographical essay which can be later developed into a book-length manuscript.

The course curriculum helps students effectively share their story to provide personal fulfilment. After completing this course, students should be able to provide a professional writing portfolio with a strong foundation for autobiography. Students will interact effectively with their peers in the online community.

Course Structure

Students will attend a virtual class once a week for 8 weeks. The class will be attended live via video chat and will be recorded. My Psych Teacher will deliver the course information through a variety of media including audio, books, a learning blog, discussion via online chat, visual slides, video lectures, video games, and interactive forms for participation and exams.

Instructional Format

This course is available in three formats: 1. Instructor – led Personal Study – which requires a paid enrollment for an individual student; 2. Instructor – led Group Study – which requires a paid enrollment for a group, and 3. Free personal or group study which does not require enrollment but does not have online access to the instructor or premium course related content and services.

Virtual Classroom

Our online courses integrate forums, instant messaging, e-mail, social media, and recorded audio and video. Some courses offer streaming audio and video with Voice Over IP (VoIP) to allow real-time interactions.

All courses provide online assessment and assignment review to track student progress in a secure virtual classroom environment. Students can easily access course materials, view calendars, watch lectures, complete assignments, and read required texts.

Course Considerations

A basic level of proficiency in using the internet and various computer applications is necessary to learn and study online, as are solid reading and writing skills.

Prospective students should determine whether their learning style is conducive to the virtual classmates instructor access is limited. Students must have or obtain the proper motivation to maintain a progressive pace and to complete readings and projects according to the required schedule.


This course is designed for students aged 15 to18+. There is no prerequisite; however, this course is recommended for students with mental health and wellness challenges including but not limited to anxiety, depression, certain mental health disorders (such as AD/HD, eating disorders like anorexia and bullemia, PTSD, Bipolar disorder, Schizoaffective disorder), obesity, and stress.


The objective of each lesson is to:

  1. Develop awareness of mental health and wellness issues.
  2. Reduce stigma surrounding mental illness.
  3. Encourage empathy for those who are suffering with mental illness and it who are otherwise unwell.
  4. Train students to identify potential threats to mental health and wellness.
  5. Protect current mental health and wellness by creating and adhering to an action plan.
  6. Foster self-efficacy.
  7. Promote mental health and wellness advocacy for self and others.
  8. Identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses in a constructive way.

Texts, Materials, and Supplies

Required Texts

  • (include title, author, ISBN #, edition, and where the text can be purchased, borrowed from, or found (e.g. Canvas course page, library reserve system, etc.).

Required Materials

The following required materials will be created during the course.

  • Your Personal Elements Chart. A visual map of your personality.
  • Your Purpose Journal. A daily introspective writing tool.
  • Your Purpose Tree. A visual map of your life timeline and journey to mental health and wellness.
  • Your Purpose Workbook. A resource book of activities and exercises to promote mental health and wellness.
  • Your Writing Portfolio. A collection of your best written works completed during the course.

Tech Requirements

You will need a desktop or laptop computer to connect to and complete assignment on MyPsychTeacher.com. Your device must have:

  • A recent Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system
  • High-speed internet access
  • A minimum amount of memory
  • Office software
  • Antivirus software
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Microphone
  • CD/DVD drive

Contact the instructor if you experience any logistical challenges in obtaining materials or participating in required experiences such as viewing content or submitting forms.

Course Events

Coming soon.

Assignments and Homework

  • Participation. There is a weekly discussion forum for participation consideration.
  • Homework. There are weekly homework assignments covering each unit. Interactive homework includes mindfulness and meditation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy worksheets, Psychotherapy worksheets, and mood trackers. All assignments can be later sourced to create the final project – an autobiographical essay. Suggested time per week spent working on the course outside of live meetings is 10+ hours.
  • Unit Exams: There are eight online unit exams that will allow you to demonstrate your learning on each of the weekly course units. Exam format will be multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions covering lessons from each respective unit. A study guide will be provided before each exam.
  • Portfolio. There is one major project. Students will compile a professional writing portfolio from course derived writing  samples.
  • Final Paper. There is one major written assignment. Students will write an autobiographical essay which can be later developed into a book-length manuscript.
  • Final Exam. There is one comprehensive final exam.

Progress and Grading

Learner progress and grading for this course is assessed via written reports, activities, hands-on assessments, portfolio, and presentations. It is understood that different kinds of assignments compliment the strengths of different student learning styles. Lessons provide diverse opportunities for students to show what they have learned.

  • Preparation. Students are required to complete homework and reading assignments prior to live or recorded course sessions in order to prepare for the online class and/or to complete weekly activities.
  • Grading Scale: 90% – 100% = A, 80% – 89% = B, 70% – 79% = C, 60% – 69% = D, 59% and below =F.
  • Late Assignment Policy: (For enrolled students only.) Late assignments will be accepted with a 10% penalty per day late.
  • Missed Exam Policy:
  • Regrading Policy: All assignments with the exception of the final exam may be submitted a maximum of three times in order to achieve the highest possible retention of the lesson objectives. The highest grade wil be recorded.
  • Collaboration is only authorized for expressed group assignments. Students are to work independently unless otherwise noted.

Final Grade Breakdown

  • Participation worth 5% of final grade or 50 points
  • Homework worth 10% of final grade or 100 points
  • Exam 1 worth 6.25% of final grade or 62.5 points
  • Exam 2 worth 6.25 % of final grade or 62.5 points
  • Exam 3 worth 6.25% of final grade or 62.5 points
  • Exam 4 worth 6.25% of final grade or 62.5 points
  • Exam 5 worth 6.25% of final grade or 62.5 points
  • Exam 6 worth 6.25% of final grade or 62.5 points
  • Exam 7 worth 6.25% of final grade or 62.5 points
  • Exam 8 worth 6.25% of final grade or 62.5 points
  • Portfolio worth 5% of final grade or 50 points
  • Final Paper worth 10% of final grade or 100 points
  • Final Exam worth 20% of final grade or 200 points

Guidelines for Online Course Climate

  • My Psych Teacher expects that all course interactions will remain civil, respectful, and supportive. Every student is responsible for the online course climate in chat rooms and discussion forums, and on social media.
  • Do not hesitate to speak with the instructor regarding any concerns you have about the online course climate.

Participation Guidelines

Enrolled (paid subscription) students can communicate with their course instructors and classmates from within the virtual classroom environment. Tools include email, instant messaging, video chatting, audio conferencing, and discussion boards.

Weekly group discussions and online participation require a minimum number of discussion posts, messages, and related responses to show online presence and participation in the course.

It is your responsibility to attend class via Internet willing and prepared to participate in required individual and group interactions. Your participation grade for this class is primarily based upon discussions and weekly activities that you will complete alone or with your classmates.

Additional Campus-Wide Policies

  • Statement of Military Service Leave
  • Statement on Preferred Names and Inclusive Gender Pronouns
  • Emergency Preparedness Statement

University Resources

Here you will find support for academic and non-academic challenges that can impact your learning.

  • Disability Resources. Works to make the academic experience accessible and inclusive. If you anticipate or experience barriers based on disability, please contact us for information about requesting academic accommodations.
  • The Writing Center. Offers free writing tutorials designed to help students become better writers.
  • The Tutoring Program. Provides academic tutoring for all My Psych Teacher courses.
  • Mental Health Services. Provides referrals to professional staff members to help students resolve personal and interpersonal challenges including family and friends conflicts, health and wellness concerns, eating and drinking disorders, and psychological distress such as anxiety and depression.

Preliminary Course Schedule

The following is a sample of the course schedule by learning week. It is flexible and may change at the instructor’s discretion to accommodate students’ learning needs.

Learning Week  Assigned Readings / Homework Major Assignments and Deadlines
Week One / Introduction to Mental Health and Wellness
  1. Getting Started
  2. Introducing Developmental Psychology
  3. Understanding Mental Health and Wellness
  • Creating Your Purpose Journal
  • Updating Your Purpose Workbook
  • Updating Your Purpose Journal
  • Exam 1

Additional content is hidden. Sign up for course to view hidden content.

Week Two / Research and Evaluation Identifying Mental Illness

Additional content is hidden. Sign up for course to view hidden content.

  1. Identifying Mental Illness
  2. Creating Your Elements Chart
  3. Creating Your Purpose Tree
  4. Using Your Purpose Workbook
  5. Starting Your Writing Portfolio
  6. Creating Your Self-Image
  7. Updating Your Purpose Journal
  8. Exam 2

Additional content is hidden. Sign up for course to view hidden content.

Week Three / Get Fit – Your Mental Health and Wellness Action Plan This content is hidden. Sign up for course to view hidden content.
  1. Creating Your Writing Portfolio
  2. Writing Your Personal Philosophy Statement
  3. Writing Your Goals Statement
  4. Creating a Mental Health Plan
  5. Creating a Daily Agenda
  6. Updating Your Purpose Tree
  7. Using Your Purpose Workbook
  8. Updating Your Purpose Journal
  9. Exam 3
Week Four / Self Development This content is hidden. Sign up for course to view hidden content.
  1. Developing Communication Skills
  2. Building Accountability
  3. Developing Relationship Skills
  4. Developing Occupational Skills
  5. Making You Over / Updating Your Self-image
  6. Updating Your Personal Elements Chart
  7. Updating Your Purpose Journal
  8. Updating Your Writing Portfolio
  9. Exam 4
Week Five / Deal With Disorder Part I: Reaching In This content is hidden. Sign up for course to view hidden content.
  1. Recognizing Problem Patterns
  2. Using Internal Cognitive Behavioral Exercises
  3. Choosing Responsibly
  4. Coming Back After Setback
  5. Updating Your Personal Elements Chart
  6. Updating Your Purpose Workbook
  7. Updating Your Purpose Journal
  8. Updating Your Writing Portfolio
  9. Exam 5
Week Six / Deal With Disorder Part II: Reaching Out This content is hidden. Sign up for course to view hidden content.
  1. Asking For Help
  2. Finding Support
  3. Choosing a Therapist
  4. Using External Cognitive Behavioral Exercises
  5. Updating Your Personal Elements Chart
  6. Updating Your Purpose Workbook
  7. Updating Your Purpose Journal
  8. Updating Your Writing Portfolio
  9. Exam 6
Week Seven / Reflective Summaries This content is hidden. Sign up for course to view hidden content.
  1. Reviewing Course Elements
  2. Updating Your Personal Philosophy
  3. Outlining Your Autobiographical Essay
  4. Updating Your Personal Elements Chart
  5. Updating Your Purpose Workbook
  6. Updating Your Purpose Journal
  7. Updating Your Writing Portfolio
  8. Exam 7
Week Eight / Your Autobiography This content is hidden. Sign up for course to view hidden content.
  1. Updating Your Personal Philosophy Statement
  2. Updating Your Purpose Workbook
  3. Updating Your Autobiographical Essay Outline
  4. Writing Your Autobiographical Essay
  5. Updating Your Purpose Journal
  6. Updating Your Writing Portfolio
  7. Final Exam

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